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Guarantees in the security sector can be a reality

Magenta Security Services are once again breaking new ground in the manned guarding sector by guaranteeing the quality of their work.

“This initiative has been developed to maintain confidence in an industry plagued by cowboys.” Abbey Petkar, managing director, Magenta Security Services.

Abbey Petkar’s team at Magenta are so confident in the quality of the service they provide to clients they are offering a money back guarantee to all its customers.

Petkar continues:  “Whilst no security system is perfect we have 100% confidence in our operational procedures and client management, allowing us to make such a promise to our clients.”

“The security industry is plagued with cowboys and unaccredited suppliers, who sell services then deliver substandard work.  Whilst the professionals in the industry remain focused on the provision of great services, these individuals adversely impact the reputation of all security professionals.”

To combat these challenges, Magenta has identified a system of guarantees that are bespoke to each client.  Rather than creating a standard guarantee, this ensures clients appreciate the added value of the guarantee – once again demonstrating Magenta’s attention to detail and individual customers.

Petkar continues: “We are confident in our ability to deliver the best service to our clients, which is why we are willing to make such an offer.  The areas many of these other businesses have failed to deliver across is incredible.  By making promises to clients, particularly with a financial link we are immediately demonstrating our own credibility…  And in the security industry, credibility is the most fundamental selling point and attribute. “

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