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Gold for etc.venues in BDRC’s VenueVerdict… Maple House, Birmingham is named UK’s No. 1 venue

Etc.venues has been awarded BDRC’s prestigious Gold Standard Brand Award, for the group with the greatest number of venues achieving the VenueVerdict Gold Standard.

Etc.venue’s Maple House venue in Birmingham opened only 18 months ago has been named No. 1 conference venue in the UK in terms of service.

Alastair Stewart – MD of etc.venues commented: “These are excellent awards for etc.venues and are particularly valued as it is our clients’ endorsement of our strategy to invest in service and the ‘above and beyond’ touches that are our hallmark.   For our newest venue, Maple House in the centre of Birmingham, to be named the UK’s No.1 conference venue is a tremendous accolade for general manager Guy Booth and his team.  It is a real boost to our confidence as we put the finishing touches to the new expansion space opening next month.”

About BDRC VenueVerdict

BDRC’s VenueVerdict covers over 200 UK hotels and venues and collects feedback from event hosts via online surveys after every event and provides a foundation for ongoing service improvement and relationship marketing efforts.


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