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Eventlogic solution delivers for a wide range of Shocklogic’s festival clients

Eventlogic, an integrated software and hardware suite, has been a real hit amongst Shocklogic’s festival clients across the summer including the likes of the Moondance, OFF Sonar, FOUND and Zumba festivals.

Shocklogic, providers and suppliers of event management software, has had significant success with its solution that works without the need for an internet connection and has revolutionised festival management for its clients. Eventlogic provides full management of the event lifecycle including ticketing, registration and event management using real-time statistics.

An example of Eventlogic’s impact came at OFF Sonar with more than 23,000 tickets scanned across a variety of after party events over just a few days, whilst FOUND (5,574) and Moondance (5,073) also benefitted from the solution.

The solution also continues to make a real impact on festivals managed in partnership with Resident Advisor, one of the world’s largest independent electronic online music magazines.

“We have worked with Shocklogic in various parts of the UK as well as Barcelona, Spain as an access control partner,” commented Saoirse Ryan, Head of Tickets at Resident Advisor. “They have provided us with an excellent service by assisting us in the entry logistics for 15,000 people on one day. We found their equipment very easy to manage and have never had any technical issues. I would certainly recommend Shocklogic to another promoter looking to use their services.”

“We have seen real success with Eventlogic providing something unique within the festivals industry,” explained John Martinez, CEO of Shocklogic. “It’s very specific to the needs of largescale events, festivals and concerts. It can be run in a secure and contained environment whilst still providing full control to the organiser using real-time information and statistics. Eventlogic has provided measurable success to our clients and it will play a big role in the 2017 festival season.”

Learn more about Eventlogic and its unique ability to work offline at


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