CSR meets business growth: A fair-trade factory for Nexus

15% higher wages, away days and the introduction of a games room for new factory.

Nexus Collections, the world leading producer of environmentally friendly conference bags has taken a bold step with the opening of their new factory in China .

Nexus took the decision to go beyond the use of third party factories for two main reasons as their managing director, Nick Jones explains:

Quality Control

“This facility heralds the start of a new era for Nexus Collections. Whilst the creation of our own factory  represents a substantial investment, we firmly believe it will dramatically improve our business and above all increase our customer service levels.”

“Whilst clients were never troubled by quality issues relating to our goods, the use of third party manufacturers occasionally created limitations on the service levels we wanted to strive for.  Owning and managing our own facility will allow us to control the whole process which enables us to even more rapidly respond to client needs.”

Fair trade

“As a CSR focused business we were also unable to affect staff working conditions and environmental issues in our suppliers’ factories. The development  of our own facility has allowed us to steadily implement more socially responsible working practices for a team of motivated, happy staff.”

Details of factory, environmental aspirations and working conditions are as follows:

Location: Huizhou , China Size:  50,000 square feet Staff: 300

Fair trade working conditions based on staff feedback:

• Basic pay increased by 20% and introduction of bonuses takes final salary to a figure 15% higher than competing factories. • Bonuses created for staff introduction • Increased holiday and more flexible overtime. • Upgraded toilet and hygiene facilities. • Introduction of a games room including pool table , internet access, table football, table tennis , basketball and football goals. • Annual away days for staff and family. • Themed party nights. • Upgrading the staff canteen and providing more of the food which the staff enjoy most. Food is very close to the hearts of Chinese people !

Nick Jones reflects on the outcome:  “At the beginning the staff were unsure whether they could trust our promises as such policies are very uncommon in China at the moment. However, now that we have delivered our promises there has been a noticeable response from the staff. They are really happy and motivated  and have been spreading the word to their friends. As a result,  are receiving requests from many more workers to join us.”

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