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Church House opens 21st venue to celebrate 21st year and the Royal Wedding

Church House Conference Centre in Westminster, London is opening a 21st venue exclusively for the Royal Wedding, coinciding with the celebration of its 21st birthday.

Church House Conference Centre is providing access to its roof top as an additional space to a number of international television channels for the live broadcasts around the Royal Wedding.  The roof provides unparalleled views of Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

Church House General Manager, Robin Parker comments: “During the last 21 years Church House has changed and adapted to suit the needs of clients and an ever changing market.  This includes being flexible and developing new and unusual ideas when necessary.  Whilst we officially have 19 event spaces available here at the venue, our public spaces, halls and corridors are often considered a twentieth by many organisers looking to creatively bridge gaps between meeting rooms.  What better therefore than to announce a 21st venue during our 21st year.”

Permission to use Church House’s roof-top has been granted specifically for the Royal Wedding, and will not be permanently on offer to organisers.  However its use can be arranged for a limited number of special events.

Robin continues: “Church House is an ideal venue for both international and domestic news crews that wish to film from here during the major events being staged in London in the near future.  Being so close to Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament, our location in the heart of Westminster not only provides a strategic view but also a quiet ambience.”

Church House Conference Centre has a range of exquisite rooms, historic interiors and stunning conference and event facilities available to organisers.

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