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Certification International appoints Soaring Worldwide for UK PR campaign

Communications and PR specialist, Soaring Worldwide has been appointed by Certification International to take on its PR activities.

The campaign is the next step in Certification International’s partnership with Soaring Worldwide, which started with message development, branding and internal promotion.

Soaring Worldwide, with its extensive knowledge of strategic communications and PR activities will be helping Certification International to effectively focus on its core markets and audiences. As a global organisation with 5,000 clients in 26 countries Certification International is a business improvement company, providing accreditation, analysis and management services to companies of all sizes.

John Pymer, managing director of Certification International, comments: “We have already benefited from Soaring Worldwide’s expertise in branding and strategic communications and they have a proven understanding of our target audience. We want to develop our PR strategy to highlight our core universal values and our ability to adapt and integrate into local markets.  In the first instance this will focus on the UK market but we look forward to extending the reach of the campaign through our global offices in due course.”

Soaring Worldwide’s managing director Adam Baggs adds: “Working with Certification International is a wonderful opportunity for us to understand new markets. Soaring Worldwide has doubled in size in the last two years and we expect the growth to continue through the Autumn and Winter months. We are very excited to work with another large client with global operations, and at the prospect and challenge of increasing their profile across a range of markets.”

Soaring Worldwide’s other clients include: Kyoto Convention Bureau, the Barbican, Virtua and Magenta Security Services.


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