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Brilliant Science wins major security conference for University of Chester

The 19th European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security (ECCWS) has chosen Chester as its location for 2020 following a bid led by Dr Thaddeus Eze, Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security at the University of Chester. The bid was put together in conjunction with Marketing Cheshire’s Brilliant Science project.

Brilliant Science leverages the UK’s reputation as a world leader in sciences to develop the North West as a hub for international association events looking to make the most of the region’s scientific heritage and links.

The 2020 event will take place at the University of Chester and be attended by approximately 120 delegates. The 2019 event will take place later this year in Coimbra, Portugal, whilst previous events have been hosted by Oslo, Dublin and Munich.

Speaking about the conference, Dr Eze said: “The University of Chester is building a strong base for teaching and research in cyber security and is very much looking forward to hosting this conference. For us, this is an interesting opportunity to network with relevant researchers and practitioners in our fantastic university facility. Collaboration is key to bringing together all the interested entities and individuals. From this perspective, the ECCWS provides a privileged forum for technical exchange about the study, management, development and implementation of systems and concepts to combat cyber warfare or to improve information systems security.” He also cited the Brilliant Science initiative as being core to the reason Chester was successful in its bid for the 2020 event: “The UK is a global leader in science and technology fields. Brilliant Science brings together leading venues in the North West to create a compelling destination for relevant events. The initiative was a significant boost to our bid as it allowed us to go beyond just the region’s conference offering and offer significant additional value to attendees.”

Marketing Cheshire’s Nicola Said responded: “This event will bring economic impact to the region and a return on the money we have invested in the Brilliant Science project. Most importantly it demonstrates what we can achieve when we highlight a region’s specialities, history and knowledge hubs. It allows us to bring in high end events because the organisers recognise we have something unique to offer, something that will add value to their event and ensure a long term legacy from holding it here in Chester.”

Incorporating Cheshire, Manchester and Staffordshire, Brilliant Science is targeting association events across the whole spectrum of sciences. Delegates attending such events will be encouraged to extend their visits with relevant tours across a variety of the region’s scientific venues and attractions, adding significantly to an event’s potential for knowledge transfer and retention.

The Brilliant Science Project will also deliver long term benefits for the scientific community as the selection of attractions showcase past, present and future scientific research and development within the region. Delegates will therefore gain an authentic and broad understanding of the UK’s scientific offering across the centuries – inspiring them to achieve more from their visit and take their new-found knowledge back into their fields of expertise.


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