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Antwerp to Host PIANC World Congress 2028

Antwerp, Belgium, will host the PIANC World Congress in 2028. This marks the first time the congress will convene in Antwerp, underscoring the city's growing prominence on the global maritime stage.


The PIANC World Congress, attended by more than 600 professionals, is the premier event for the world’s waterborne transport infrastructure community.


Antwerp, with its strategic maritime position and vibrant cultural heritage, offers a perfect backdrop for the 2028 World Congress. The congress will delve into crucial topics across maritime and inland navigation, environment & sustainability, and recreation & marinas. Special focus will be on climate change, sustainability, innovation, and decarbonisation, aligning with the city's leadership in these global issues.


Antwerp’s infrastructure and historic yet innovative character provide an ideal setting for fostering dialogue and collaboration among international experts. The city is uniquely poised to facilitate meaningful exchanges between the delegates with its mix of historical charm and cutting-edge facilities.


"Hosting the PIANC World Congress 2028 is a testament to Antwerp’s enduring appeal and strategic importance," said Tadeja Pivc Coudyser, CEO of Antwerp Convention Bureau. "Under the brand The City is Your Venue, we are excited to integrate the essence of Antwerp into every aspect of the congress, enhancing the experience of delegates with our unique blend of hospitality and innovation."


The Congress is expected to attract hundreds of attendees including leading professionals, researchers, and policymakers involved in the maritime sector. It will also feature technical visits to the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, a hub of sustainable transition and the second largest petrochemical industry cluster globally.  In addition technical visits will also cover inland navigation infrastructure and other seaports across Flanders.


Antwerp’s accessibility is unparalleled, with excellent connectivity to major European cities and airports, ensuring a seamless experience for international visitors.


"We are committed to showcasing Antwerp not just as a host city, but as a central player in the maritime and environmental dialogue," added Antwerp’s Deputy Mayor Koen Kennis. "This event will spotlight our city’s capacity to host large-scale international gatherings and our dedication to advancing sustainable maritime practices."



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