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ABPCO demonstrates commitment to excellence through launch of revalidation process

ABPCO has introduced a revalidation process for existing members, to ensure that they still meet the levels of excellence required for membership and to confirm their commitment to the industry.

“Excellence is fundamental to membership of ABPCO – it is a core part of what we stand for and we seek it amongst our members. The introduction of the revalidation process reinforces our passion for promoting both excellence and belonging within the industry and helps us to ensure that our members are in harmony with our ethos and what we represent,” comments Kate Sargent, joint chair of ABPCO. “This new step within our renewal process will guarantee that all of our members are not only still relevant to the industry but also that they can deliver best practice and industry leading skills whilst remaining passionate and willing to learn and share their knowledge”

ABPCO’s accreditation committee has historically ensured new member applications are appropriately scrutinised but until now have not reviewed the competence of existing members. ABPCO’s revalidation process will ensure that renewing members are still active within the industry and are upholding the association’s code of conduct, values and ability to deliver professionally for their clients.

The new process, which was introduced this year by the executive board balances the need for the association to demonstrate excellence and professionalism without being unduly burdensome on current members. It includes a commitment to industry best practice and ABPCO values as well as a declaration of commitment to the code of conduct. Renewing members also need to answer relevant questions selected from the new member application form.

Kate concludes: “ABPCO is a strong brand and our members are recognised for their integrity and professionalism. This new process will ensure members actively engage with renewing their commitment to the ABPCO code of conduct and are not just buying a membership for the prestige.”


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