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ABPCO delivers more than 40,000 delegate days to its membership

PCO members of ABPCO have received more than 40,000 delegate days of enquiries during the last four months.

Associations looking for professional conference organisers can use the ABPCO website and secretariat to identify and request RFPs from possible professional conference organisers.  During the last four months, this has totalled 10 events which has accounted for approximately 40,000 delegate days.  Several of the events are multi-year contracts and the system has also allowed one organisation to source a new secretariat.

Bioscientifica’s deputy managing director, Kate Sargent comments: “We have just received the signed contract for an enquiry that came through ABPCO and have another 2 possible RFPs under consideration in July alone.  Membership of ABPCO had always offered a lot of benefits to us as a PCO, but most recently I have really noticed a significant increase in the number of enquiries coming through. ABPCO seems to have become the first point of call for association PCO enquiries, from a wide variety of different industries.  The enquiry forms are simple to scan when received, so you quickly know if the enquiry is right for you and the Executive Office is extremely efficient and responsive, ensuing no time is lost and all questions are answered very quickly.  As an agency PCO, membership of ABPCO is a real benefit to our team and has delivered some very exciting tender opportunities.

ABPCO’s joint chair Rose Padmore comments: “Membership of ABPCO requires a formal accreditation process that allows us to promote our members as industry leaders and experts.  Most of our members join for the networking, knowledge sharing and best practice opportunities.  However, there is no denying the fact that some also hope to develop new business.  I am amongst those lucky enough to have recently won business, which was for an Ageing Better conference in autumn 2017 for approximately 100 people.”


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