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ABPCO continues to deliver UK wide schedule of events with Scotland based 2018 Awards

In response to its membership engagement survey, The Association of British Professional Conference Organisers (ABPCO) has continuously focused on the delivery of educational events across the whole of the UK. 2018 will see this trend continue when the Chairmen’s Lunch and Excellence Awards move to Glasgow’s SEC on 13th December 2018.

“We have always tried to vary the location of our events, ensuring we support our diverse membership base,” comments Rose Padmore, joint-chair of ABPCO. “It is all too easy for membership associations to become London and South-East focused when holding events. We fight hard against that lure, responding to the needs of our members and spreading events across the whole of the UK.”

Events over the last three years have taken place in: Brighton, London, Cambridge, Birmingham, Belfast, Manchester, York, Harrogate, Glasgow and Aberdeen. Future events are already scheduled for England, Scotland and Wales. Padmore concludes: “Such diverse locations might be a turn off for some. However, rather than limit the number of attendees we have seen an increase as members recognise the value of the networking and education on offer. They are quite literally willing to go the extra mile to attend an ABPCO event.”

ABPCO is the UK’s leading organisation for professional conference and event organisers, industry associates and those studying for, or seeking a career in the conference and meetings industry. For more information about ABPCO visit


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