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9 out of 10 ABPCO event attendees feel the need for clearer guidelines for pharmaceutical and medica

Medical event organisers have highlighted the need for clearer guidelines when creating a code compliant meeting, according to a recent roundtable event organised by the Association of British Professional Conference Organisers (ABPCO) at One Wimpole Street.

9 out of 10 delegates who attended the event admitted that clearer internal guidelines were needed whilst other matters were addressed such as the application of pharma regulatory codes to medical society meetings. Mark Handforth, a director with Compliant Venues, was a speaker at the event which also explored best practice, how to create optimal sponsorship, packages, common risks and challenges to the industry in what was an interactive forum encouraging debate.

“Our aim for the event was to encourage delegates to ask the questions they were perhaps too scared to ask before,” said Handforth. “The main focus of the event was that the application of regulatory code to meetings and events is really now a technical discipline and it’s important that event organisers make themselves aware of the code. The level of interaction we had through this roundtable event really emphasised to me how important it is that we benchmark our knowledge and encourage best practice throughout the industry.”

The event was held at One Wimpole Street, the home of The Royal Society of Medicine and brought together more than 30 industry professionals in the Naim Dangoor Auditorium. The event used interactive technology to discuss and debate the latest talking points surrounding pharmaceutical and medical event organising.

“We are thankful to One Wimpole Street and the Royal Society of Medicine who were brilliants hosts for what was one of our most fascinating roundtable events to date,” said Nicole Leida, Joint-Chair of ABPCO. “Compliance can often be a daunting topic for event organisers so the opportunity to share and learn amongst each other was something we were very keen on doing. Mark was an excellent speaker and the event helped us to address some of the concerns and challenges faced as event organisers. I hope those who attended left One Wimpole Street with a much clearer understanding of compliance in pharmaceutical and medical events.”

The delegates included:

• Lindsay McClenaghan, Senior Events Officer, British Society for Rheumatology • Joanne Tipper, Director of Sales, Q Hotels • Becci Petch, Pharmacovigilance Training Manager, Drug Safety Research Unit • Matthew Blood, Business Development Manager, Twickenham Experience Ltd. • Susanne Schweda, Events Manager, British Pharmalogical Society • Therese Dolan, Events Senior Manager, Diabetes UK • Kathleen Warden, Director of Conference Sales, SECC • Fiona Legate, Managing Director, Millbrook Medical Conferences

ABPCO is the UK’s leading organisation for professional conference and event organisers, industry associates and those studying for, or seeking a career in the conference and meetings industry. For more information about ABPCO visit

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