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4G encourages Virtua to expand services by merging with Custom Communications Group

Virtua UK Ltd has merged with Custom Communications Group as the company seeks to take advantage of growth in the telecommunications industry.

Virtua UK Ltd, a leading Wiltshire based supplier of expertise to the telecoms industry, has finalised a merger with telecommunications installation and rigging specialist Custom Communications Group, based in Hertfordshire. The merger will create exciting new prospects for both organisations and their customers.

The telecoms industry is going through a major phase of growth as consumers adopt smart phones and tablets which require more speed and coverage. The launch of 4G, the expansion of Wi-Fi, the increasing move towards Intelligent Buildings and the ever more critical support of public safety networks are serving that growth. In order to meet demand, the industry needs partners who can provide a full range of design, build and test services and have the scale to deal with the speed and complexity of those new projects.

The addition of Custom Communications Group to the Virtua Group means that Virtua can provide more services, provide its customers with more support and maintain all of this with a stronger and larger work force.

Virtua, chief executive, Andy Watts: “For the fourth and probably not the last time in the history of mobile networks the UK is building new faster mobile phone and data networks – The fourth generation (4G) is what it says. It’ll transform the way we use our devices (our smart phones and tablets). This merger gives Virtua and Custom Communications Group the combined skills and scale to really help our customers to deliver that.”

He continues: “Of course it’s not just about 4G. The existing GSM networks, Wi-Fi, Intelligent buildings and public safety networks are all going through constant change and adaption and our combined strength will be equally valuable to our customers in those networks. While this bringing together of Virtua and Custom Communications Group will change a lot for our business and provide more for our customers there’s one thing that won’t change – our commitment to doing a brilliant job for our customers with some of the best people in the industry.”

Russell Heagney, managing director at Custom Communications Group comments: “This merger is right for us as a business in an industry which is so fast paced and is constantly changing. New technology means that there is bigger scope to provide for our customers and this merger allows us to utilise Virtua’s skills as well as them utilising ours. We can work together to ensure all of our customers are provided with a full and comprehensive set of services which we are all very pleased about.”

Virtua provides a range of bespoke services in telecoms and mobile telecoms which includes:

  1. Survey and Design

  2. Systems engineering

  3. Programme management

  4. Systems testing and integration

  5. Drive testing

Custom Communications Group provides a broad range of specialist services that include:

  1. Rigging Services

  2. In building RF Solutions

  3. Wireless Networks

  4. BTS Commissioning and Integration

  5. Electrical Installation

  6. Support and Maintenance

As all business transactions require the support of great local partners to make them succeed, Virtua is grateful to CDI Global and McIntyre Hudson for bringing the companies together and to WithKing, Franklins and Morris Owen for the legal and accountancy advice they gave.


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