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The Hague launches initiative to become centre of excellence for Event Design

The Hague Convention Bureau is working in partnership with Event Design Collective and the newly opened Postillion Hotel and Convention Centre Den Haag to establish itself as a global leader in the field of event design.

Through the partnership, organisers booking The Hague for conferences will have access to Event Design training and support from Event Design Collective at the Postillion Hotel and Convention Centre Den Haag or online. The initiative was announced today at IMEX in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Hague Convention Bureau has created an exclusive package for clients using the Event Canvas methodology created by Event Design Collective. The package includes a 90-minute interactive educational experience with members of the Event Design Collective to help clients plan and think differently about the outcomes of their events. The process and content will provide the tools to ensure that they are creating events that deliver the maximum value to all involved.

The training will be delivered online or in-person to the clients. In person training will take place in newly opened Postillion Hotel and Convention Centre Den Haag, which boasts the only Event Design Lab in Europe (only the second in the world outside of the USA).

For those receiving online training, a branded online environment, reflecting the look and feel of The Hague has been created to engage the attendees and make the experience immersive.

Bas Schot, Head of The Hague Convention Bureau comments: “Partnership like this represent the future of destination, venue and organiser relationships. We are continually looking for new ways to support and inform our clients, helping them make their events truly successful for all involved and the commitment from both Event Design Collective and Postillion Hotel and Convention Centre Den Haag is making the future a reality now, here in The Hague.”

“Event Design is a uniquely powerful approach to systematically deconstructing and reconstructing the successes and failures of an event with a team of invested people,” adds Roel Frissen from Event Design Collective. “When done right, using the Event Canvas, it can transform an event for all stakeholders, which is why we want to see more people using the process. Events are powerful tools, which we are truly passionate about – we want to make them even better, which is why we are so excited about this partnership and its potential to improve association events taking place in The Hague.”

Postillion Hotel and Convention Centre Den Haag’s CEO, Erik-Jan Ginjaar said: “We wanted to launch a unique and inspiring meeting destination in the heart of The Hague. At the core of our offering is the desire to deliver a space that ensures meetings are truly successful, which is why we developed both our Brain Break and Brainfood concepts. However, it was our decision to create only the world’s second Event Design Lab that truly sets us apart and demonstrates our commitment to the development of truly amazing events. Using our Lab we expect organisers to create truly inspiring events that will ultimately make the most of the rest of both our spaces and those around the city; whether it is a bespoke venue, a small meeting room or our 1,400 capacity Convention Centre.”

Bas Schot concludes: “Event Design Collective has years of experience and experimentation behind it, during which it has helped a multitude of clients create more valuable and innovative events. We have found a way to bring their expertise to events across the city. Our online learning platform is truly creative but in-person education at The Postillion’s Event Design Lab takes it to a whole new level. Where better to lean and understand the concept than in a purpose-built training environment? Ultimately this whole project is a win-win for all – the clients have an opportunity to improve their events, which reflects positively on our wonderful city.”

The project’s first in-person Event Design training session took place yesterday (30 May, 2022) at IMEX, Frankfurt, Germany. It was attended by a range of organisers and event buyers from around the world.


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