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PUBLIC Announces Partnership with City of The Hague and Ministry of the Interior to host GovTech Sum

PUBLIC, Europe’s leading government-technology company, has partnered with the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, the City of The Hague and its Convention Bureau to deliver the world’s premier GovTech event in The Hague on 13th & 14th October.

This year’s hybrid GovTech Summit edition - ‘Build Back Digital’ - will provide access to some of the most prominent political and public figures leading Europe’s digital transformation across the public sector.

Expert speakers include State Secretary for the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations, Raymond Knops; Mayor of The Hague, Jan Van Zanen; TechLeap Startup Envoy Constantijn van Oranje and Estonia Prime Minister, Kaja Kallas.

From tackling climate issues and boosting citizen engagement, to improving health services and redesigning our cities, this year’s speakers will share insight into how technology can help Governments create more universal, accessible and inclusive societies across Europe.

With one of Europe’s leading startup and venture ecosystems, a strong pedigree in smart cities, and a national propensity for innovation, The Netherlands is a leader in GovTech, making it the perfect host for this year’s Summit. As the international city of peace and justice and home to many government touch-points and research centres, The Hague is the natural centre.

Emphasising this year’s unique Dutch character, the Summit will include a dedicated panel focused on “The State of GovTech in The Netherlands”. This panel will bring together a diverse group of leaders and innovators in the Dutch GovTech market ranging from Ministers to GovTech startup founders to drive a discussion around the current state of the Dutch GovTech market. Supporting the mission to develop The Netherlands as a world leader for GovTech, this panel will explore how the Government, investors and innovators can collaborate to propel the Dutch GovTech market forward.

Daniel Korski, CEO and Co-Founder of PUBLIC, said: The Netherlands has consistently been at the forefront of high quality public service provision and their openness to innovation embodies many of the pre-conditions for a strong GovTech sector. That’s why we are proud to partner with the City of The Hague and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations for the GovTech Summit this year. The 2021 Summit is especially unique, offering a chance for European GovTech representatives to come together and discuss how best to level up to the core challenges we face in the aftermath of COVID-19.”

Jan Van Zanen, Mayor of The Hague, commented: The City of The Hague is delighted to be able to host and partner with The GovTech Summit. We look forward to welcoming this remarkable gathering of political officials, tech innovators and investors to our city this October.”

If you are interested in joining the Summit as a virtual attendee please do register here for your complimentary pass:


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