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Organisers and delegates willing to ditch meat and crackers for an eco-friendly Christmas party

In a survey of 375* respondents conducted by BMA House: 84% of event organisers said they would consider not using Christmas crackers to improve the environmental credentials of their Christmas parties.

The results are backed up by 78% of delegates saying they would not be disappointed if there were no crackers at their Christmas parties.

Additionally, 58% of all respondents (57% of organisers and 60% of delegates) said they would consider meat free alternatives to a traditional Christmas menu.

“Christmas, in addition to being a time of generosity, happiness and joy for many is also often a time of indulgence and waste. This survey however, shows the importance both delegates and organisers are placing on the environment not just at their day to day events but also at Christmas time,” comments, Kat Winfield, venue manager at BMA House. “Additional responses to the research highlighted the fact that 58% of organisers consider a venue’s environmental policies before selecting it for a Christmas event, whilst 74% of attendees think Christmas party themeing should be sustainable.”

Winfield concludes: “These positive and inspiring results have confirmed our decision that for 2019 we are only offering sustainable crackers as part of our passion for the environment. However, looking ahead to 2020 we are now considering not offering them at all. As a Green Tourism Gold accredited venue we are always looking for new ways to improve our sustainability and this seems such a simple and easy option due to its strong support from both organisers and delegates.”

For further information on holding your sustainable event at BMA House, please contact the events team on 020 7874 7020 or visit

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