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Organic ingredients and low food miles at heart of Sustainable Event Summit menu

30 Euston Square, the host venue for the Sustainable Event Summit, which was attended by more than 100 industry professionals yesterday, delivered a sustainable menu based on organic ingredients and low food miles.

The menu, which was designed to minimise waste, was created in partnership with a range of local suppliers to ensure a balance of creativity, taste and sustainability.  Suppliers included:

  1. Chegworth Valley, an award-winning family owned fruit farm in the heart of Kent

  2. Marriage’s, the master miller sources only the best possible grains from local Essex farmers

  3. Paynes South Down bee farm who provide fresh, sweet locally sourced honey.

“Each part of our event delivery had to take into consideration the Sustainable Event Summit’s ethos and brand so the food was the ideal starting point,” comments Yvette Chatwin, 30 Euston Square’s General Manager.  “Through attention to detail, particularly the monitoring of delegate numbers we were able to avoid waste, whilst our focus on local, fresh and seasonal produce ensured minimal food miles.  Though catering excellence is a fundamental part of the offering that sets us apart from many competitors there were a host of other factors that allowed us to make the event a success, particularly our close working partnership with the client.”

Rachel Ley from The Sustainable Events Summit comments: “It was vital that every element of our event match our principals of sustainability. 30 Euston Square achieved this through the creativity and thought behind their menus as well as the venue’s sustainable infrastructure and partnership approach.  They are leading by example and we urge other venues to take note.”



  1. English bread rolls baked using superior Marriage’s mill flour filled with succulent Cumberland sausage, Sussex sourced tender bacon, free range egg & homemade tomato ketchup

Hot fork lunch buffet

  1. Braised Herefordshire beef shin served with aromatic thyme & roasted heritage carrots

  2. Rainbow chard, Crown Prince squash & striped aubergine pie

  3. Roasted British Mozart potatoes with English rosemary & garlic

  4. Steamed cavolo nero served with red & green kale

  5. Pickled red cabbage, fresh watercress & heritage carrot salad

  6. Heirloom tomato & rocket salad with apple cider & mustard vinaigrette

  7. Homemade bread baked with Marriages mill flour


  1. Autumnal English pumpkin & ginger cheesecake

  2. Chegworth Valley apple & rhubarb crumble served with fresh Devonshire cream

  3. A selection of Chegworth Valley’s finest; juicy Comice pears & Egremont Russet apples

Tea breaks included

  1. Organic tea & triple certified coffee with 30 Euston Square filtered water

  2. Tasty & nutritious authentic Scottish oats combined with Paynes countryside honey

  3. A selection of Chegworth Valley’s finest; juicy Comice pears & Egremont Russet apples

  4. Aromatic English lavender & Paynes honey cake

Yvette concludes: “As a venue that achieved a very good BREEAM rating we were an ideal host for the Summit but our commitment to being sustainable and self-sufficient goes far further to include a rain water harvesting system and PIR lighting.  Even our wealth of in-house audio visual equipment reduces deliveries and therefore mileage and pollution.”


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