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New Year’s resolutions – broken any yet?

It’s 2016 and hands up who is now trying to avoid the leftover mince pies, biscuits and alcohol in an effort to stick to their New Year’s resolutions?!

Whether it’s to cut down on how much you drink or to try something daring you would never have contemplated before; we all make resolutions with good heart and strong will. But it doesn’t last long normally…

In fact, a YouGov poll carried out last January found that 63% of people made their New Year’s resolutions and roughly a third of them went back on those promises within the first month! We’ve all done it and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. But is there a way to ensure you stick to your guns and do yourself proud by the time 2017 comes around?

A lot of the time it’s simply about being realistic. Setting yourself a fixed goal with a strict deadline doesn’t take into account any obstacles you face on a day-to-day basis and, with a busy life, you’re just going to make things tough. Small manageable goals each month are much less stressful and, by the time you come round to the end of the year, you may well be surprised at how far you’ve come.

Allowing others around to support you is another great way of sticking to your resolutions. If it’s something that means a lot to you then tell friends and family so they can support you. If you’re on a diet then maybe they won’t make the mistake of putting the biscuits under your nose the next time you visit. The support of those around you can make a huge difference.

These are just a few of the idea we have when sticking to our New Year’s resolutions and some of the Soaring Worldwide team have kindly informed us of their own promises for 2016! —- Adam – “I’m hoping to take on and complete the Devizes to Westminster canoe race in March. It’s 125 miles long and starts in Devizes, Wiltshire, finishing just downstream of Westminster Bridge in central London!”

James – “I’m aiming to drastically cut down on my caffeine and sugar intake by not drinking tea or coffee during the workday! I’m also looking to shed a few pounds with a wedding coming up in September!”

Stewart – “I have a few! I’m aiming to get fit and part of that will be helped by joining a sports club and to quit smoking. I’m also looking to get one tattoo each month until June!”

Beth – “My 2016 new year’s resolution is to learn something new (some kind of course/ go back to college).”

Richard – “I need to get a bit fitter ready for my wedding later this year and I’m already trying to cut down on my caffeine!”


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