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Cabo Verde offering grows as visa exemption and automated borders improve access

Cabo Verde’s Minister for Tourism Mr Jose Gancalves highlighted infrastructure improvements, new hotel openings and visa exemptions for European markets as part of a presentation to leaders in the travel industry.

The Minister, who was speaking at World Travel Market in London was presenting details of Cabo Verde’s strategic tourism master plan, which is currently being rolled out.  The Minister was accompanied by Cabo Verde’s Director General for Tourism, Mr Francisco Martin and Cabo Verde’s Tourism Ambassador, Mrs Linda Pereira.

The presentation included: *Health and safety – with negligible crime rates and political stability, Cabo Verde is one of Africa’s safest tourism destinations. *Improved access – reduced visa restrictions for European travellers as well as automated border control will make travel to Cabo Verde easier than ever.  It is one of the first African nations to implement such changes. *New hotel investments – between 2015 and 2020, significant accommodation is being built across Cabo Verde in a variety of hotels.  The rooms will span the whole of the star rating system, opening the country for all levels of travel budget. *Value for money – in addition to the wide-ranging accommodation offering Cabo Verde maintains parity with the Euro.  This ensures there are no currency fluctuations and travellers can be confident of fixed prices. *Infrastructure projects – in addition to improved border controls and hotel growth, investment across the country includes a focused tourism marketing and promotional campaign.  This has seen Cabo Verde grow in popularity, which in turn supports its recent appointment to the UNWTO Executive Council.

“This is a very exciting time for Cabo Verde,” comments Cabo Verde’s Minister for Tourism, Mr Jose Gancalves.  “We are seeing incredible growth in popularity due to our record for safe, relaxing travel to a truly beautiful destination.  We are blessed to have a wonderful culture supported by friendly people and a real focus on customer service.  I am delighted that our Tourism Master Plan is coming to fruition, it will deliver value to the economy, allowing us to re-invest in our infrastructure and improve the offering even further.  Automation of the borders and waiving visa requirements is a real step forward when it comes to welcoming new visitors and I am excited to see how we grow from here.”


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