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BMA House sees 55% increase in evening and weekend events

Following a strategic decision to raise awareness of BMA House as more than a meeting and conference location, the central London venue has seen a 55% increase in receptions, dinners, parties and awards ceremonies over the last 12 months.

The increase has included: • 30% increase in summer parties • 80% increase in Courtyard & Garden events • 55% Great Hall evening & weekend events

Kat Winfield, venue manager at BMA House comments: “BMA House is well known as a leading venue for meetings and events, particularly those looking for a sustainable event in a venue that balances rich historic architecture with the latest event technology. We have in the past been associated with conferences and meetings rather than a wider mix of evening and weekend events, where guests can relax and enjoy our beautiful venue in the heart of London. A concerted effort over the last twelve months to market our full offering has seen a significant increase in events such as parties, receptions and dinners.”

The broader range of events has included a significant increase in usage of the grand, lodge entrance that leads guests directly into the Courtyard and a less-corporate journey to its Botanical Garden, from which many ingredients are used in the venue’s creative catering.

Examples of recent evening and weekend events include:

• The SfAM Fellowship – Reception (Society for Applied Microbiology) • Safeguard Pest Control – Retirement Party • ACF – Networking Reception • Grantham Book Services – Client Networking Evening

For further information on holding evening and weekend events at BMA House, please contact the events team on 020 7874 7020 or visit


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