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Association wins for Ottawa demonstrate city’s appeal across multiple sectors

Ottawa has confirmed several significant association wins as part of its ongoing campaign to target industry sectors with strong links to the city.

Through a combination of University departments, hospital research specialities and growing infrastructure across the private sector, Canada’s capital has significant appeal to a wealth of associations from several key sectors including technology, engineering, medical, scientific, academic and commerce.

This deliberate focus, development of key relationships and sector led activity has netted the city a host of key association events including:

  1. International Conference of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations 2020

  2. International Conference on Information Fusion 2019

  3. International Conference of Wireless for Space and Extreme Environments 2019

  4. Annual Meeting and Congress of the International Commission on Large Dams 2019

  5. Annual Meeting of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology 2020

  6. Biennial Conference of the International Mesothelioma Interest Group 2018

  7. International Symposium on Targeted Alpha Therapy 2019

  8. Joint Annual Meeting of the International Society of Exposure Science and the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology 2018

  9. International Congress of Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry 2019

  10. International Leadership Association Annual Conference 2019

  11. International Society of Professional Innovation Management Forum 2019

  12. International Conference on Computing in Economics and Finance 2019

  13. International Metropolis Conference 2019

“These wins are a real coup for Canada’s capital and recognise the hard work we have done targeting sectors that resonate with what we have to offer,” comments Lesley Mackay, director of meetings and events for Ottawa Tourism.  “A great deal of hard work has gone into securing this new business including the development of close working relationships with ambassadors and local organisations working within these key fields.  Vital though has also been the support of our local partners including the Shaw Centre and key hoteliers, without which we simply couldn’t deliver the incredibly high standards for which the city is known throughout the world.”

Ottawa’s accessibility has also been vital in winning such substantial international events.  In particular, direct flights from the US and Europe has ensured all clients including association delegates from around the world can reach the city with minimal fuss.

Ottawa Tourism will be celebrating their recent success as part of a three-day event taking place in the UK in June 2018.  The event, which will combine networking, education and leisure time, will bring together Ottawa Tourism, its key partners and association buyers from the UK and Europe.


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