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Andrew Edmunds

Thank you Mike Fletcher.  I always take restaurant reviews with a pinch of salt (sorry for the pun).  They can be so subjective and are often based on individual taste rather than quality.  However, when recently looking for somewhere special I came across Andrew Edmunds on Square Meal.  It sounded good but the review from someone I know (Mike Fletcher and well known travel and event journalist) made all the difference.

Hidden away on Lexington Street it isn’t much to look at from the outside nor does the slightly shabby interior fill you with confidence.  However, the amazing service, exquisite food and relaxed atmosphere really do put it right at the top of my all time favourite dining experiences.

They only take bookings a week in advance so get in there quick.

Note: Soaring Worldwide are privileged to travel and dine in a variety of places around the world.  The above establishment is not a client, simply somewhere we wanted to share with our readers.


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