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ABPCO and Memcom partner to share best practice and add value for members

ABPCO (The Association of British Professional Conference Organisers) and Memcom (the UK’s premier membership organisation for professional bodies, trade associations and other membership organisations) have entered into a partnership that will see the two organisations create greater ties as they work together to add value for members across both organisations.


In particular, the partnership will see experts from within each organisation share knowledge and best practice through speaking opportunities and content provision across each other’s communication channels.  In particular, these will include case studies, personal development topics and topical advice.


“There are so many ways in which the roles of the ABPCO and Memcom membership overlap that it makes complete sense for our two organisations to work more closely together,” comments ABPCO’s Association Director, Heather Lishman.  “Memcom has a lot to teach us about the wider membership sector, their success stories and their pain points.  Through a collaborative approach both organisations stand to gain a huge amount from the partnership, and I look forward to seeing the results.”


Julian Smith, Executive Director of Memcom added: “Our members are experts in their own fields but often need support from true subject matter experts such as the PCOs, who are a part of ABPCO.  I see this partnership as a brilliant opportunity to share knowledge and develop skill sets and ultimately take that experience and knowledge back to put on more successful events.”


The partnership will also include:

  • ABPCO’s sponsorship of the Best Venue category at the Memcom Excellence Awards

  • Memcom’s sponsorship of the Best Partnership category at the ABPCO Excellence Awards

  • Discounted entry fees for Memcom members to enter ABPCO Awards and vice versa

  • Contra-memberships for the ABPCO and Memcom chairs and directors



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