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A Kingfisher in the mist

I headed out for an early morning paddle on Sunday to be greeted by a giant wall of mist.  It was without doubt one of the most peaceful and beautiful paddles I have ever had.  Apart from the odd duck, the river was empty and it was a wonderful

opportunity to put my new boat through its paces.

A combination of the season and the mist meant all the colours around me were slightly dulled except… After about an hour, whilst halfway home I spotted the briefest flash of electric blue.  Another moment later and there it was again so I stopped paddling and started to drift.  The reward was as I hoped a Kingfisher.  For the next fifteen minutes or so I followed him downriver, coming within six or seven feet on several occasions.  It was a wonderful experience but only possible because of the Kingfishers ability to stand out from the mist.

According to a very unscientific search on Google a few moments ago, the average consumer is exposed to something like 5,000 brands per day.  I am sure I could have found something a little more accurate but the figure is fairly believable when you consider that the ONE web-page on which I found this stat has more than 44 separate brands listed.  In fact the only thing that stopped my trying to find a more accurate figure from a more reputable source was the fear of being exposed to even more…

Anyway, moving inexorably towards my point, with this kind of exposure brands need to do something truly different if they are to have any chance of standing out from the crowd.  In fact, aside from BP, Coke and McDonalds I have already forgotten the 40+ listed on the site mentioned above… including the brand . name of the actual site!

The Kingfisher, with its electric blue colouring was un-missable in the mist.  There were other birds around, some bigger, some faster, some with a different set of skills and it is just the same in business… the right message, communicated with the right look to the right people is so important.  It really can make you stand out from the mist of other brands and competitors.


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