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30 Euston Square inspiring healthy living with its Good For You range

30 Euston Square, home of the Royal College of General Practitioners, is looking to inspire guests and delegates to lead healthier lives with its Good For You range at the in-house Café Caritas.

Café Caritas’Good For You range provides healthy alternatives throughout a busy working day for business professionals attending meetings or events at 30 Euston Square as well as for those just passing by.

The Good For You benefits include:

– Always homemade and the freshest ingredients – Skimmed milk only – The use of olive or canola oil only when oil is necessary – Visible fats and skin trimmed from meats – Only low sodium salt and brown sugar used – Pulses, oats and grains utilised where possible to encourage a high fibre diet

“We obviously see business delegates and guests pass through on their working day all the time, but it’s so important to not forget to maintain a healthy diet even during the busiest of days,” comments Stuart Gavin, Sales & Marketing Manager at 30 Euston Square. “Our Good For You range of food and drinks are designed to not only nourish but to revitalise professionals during a day of meetings, conferences and events. It’s something that has already been met with huge positivity from those working hard within the venue.”

Café Caritas is also running a loyalty card scheme in which delegates or guests buying any of the Good For You products receive a stamp on their personal card. After purchasing ten items they get the eleventh for free.

New items will regularly be added to the Good for You range, but currently available choices include:

– Detox smoothie containing cucumber, ginger, spinach and apple juice – Overnight soaked muesli pots with low fat yoghurt, crushed cashews, linseed and blueberries – Avocado spirulina protein pots with egg, sweet potato and kidney beans

Café Caritas is situated by the main reception of 30 Euston Square and can be accessed through the building’s main historical entrance, providing the perfect place for a coffee in the Euston area. The café is a friendly stop-off point featuring fresh quality food prepared onsite and served in relaxed and comfortable surroundings with plenty of quiet breakout space.

30 Euston Square is a conference, meetings and events venue based in the heart of London. For more information on holding an event please call 020 8453 4600 or email

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